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DJ Konnex is a leading innovator in Remixology and Dub Audio Engineering.

Konnex excelled early on as a musician in concert, jazz, and marching band, and was also recruited from his hometown of Ely, Nevada to play basketball at Santa Rosa Junior College in California.

After working with DJ Armin and DJ Beset in Sonoma County, who helped him get his first set of Technique 1200s, Konnex expanded his musical prowess as a self-taught remixologist, and mixed for his first band in Sonoma County in 2006.

Inspired by DJs and Studios around the world including Studio 1, Stone Love, DJ Qbert, and DJ Jazzy Jeff, Konnex’s style is a full emotional intake: It’s not just about sound, it’s about creating a full 3D experience with sound, sight, and vibration.

Konnex has built a strong audience across the West Coast from Washington to Southern California, has worked at a number of radio stations including KPFA, KMEC, KWTF, KMUD, and KKUP, and has DJ’d some and Audio Engineered events including Monterey Bay Music Festival, Cali Roots Music Festival, Reggae on The River Music Festival, Sierra Nevada Music Festival, The Emerald Cup and Sonoma International Film Festival.

He has also Audio Engineered for artists including Addis Pablo, Tamarko, Luciano, Pablo Moses, and President Brown.

With the talent of sound as a natural gift, Konnex tunes into a number of individual sounds to create a full, comprehensive, modern day sound—making it crispy, with proper highs and proper lows, so the audience can feel every movement.

His mission is to show that there’s a lot more to music than what hits the ear.

Matthew 12:33 “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit.”

Be on the look as DJ Konnex makes his way to a city near you!

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