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We are the Internet Angels coming to give your computer light.

Let’s say someone comes directly to you to work on your computer or network. If you’re not sitting right next to the person doing the work, you have no way of knowing what they’re really doing to your system. All the activity takes place between the technician and your PC or network. There’s no easy way to monitor and restrict a technician’s activity, so the technician’s the only one who really knows what’s going on.

Security risks are even worse when you hand over your computer to someone in a store. Who knows who’s accessing your machine, and more important, what they’re doing to it?

All My Pc Tech Support remote support sessions are highly secure and encrypted. Our Agents work in a controlled, monitored environment to ensure you get top-notch tech support that’s safe and secure. Every time a agent works on your PC or network, they’re recorded on video, and each click and keystroke is automatically logged. These sessions are also rigorously audited, to ensure compliance to our strict quality and security standards.

You’re in control of what our Agents do for you. My Pc Tech Support tools allows you to restrict an Agent’s access to selected applications and folders. Our tools also restrict Agents from downloading files, applications, etc. from your computer.

With My Pc Tech Support remote support, you get top-notch, secure service every time you need us.

How Can we help?

Remote Assistance for PC          $39.99

Remote Assistance for MAC     Not Available

Our Remote sessions  39.99/hr minimum

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